Continuous Power Handling
Voice Coil Diameter
Magnet Material

The B&C 15RBX100 anchors our ferrite subwoofer line, and features an all new FEA optimized motor structure. The 25mm high, 4” (100mm) diameter copper wire voice coil is combined with a laminated double silicone spider, water resistant curvilinear cone and triple roll surround, for even more excursion and linearity.

The corrosion resistant motor structure incorporates an aluminum demodulation ring that effectively controls inductive rise as well as harmonic and intermodulation distortion. This subwoofer can be used for a wide variety of applications, including compact vented enclosures.


Also available - 15RBX100, 15” subwoofer.



  • Nominal Diameter380 mm (15.0 in)
  • Nominal Impedance4 Ω
  • Minimum Impedance4.5 Ω
  • Nominal Power Handling11000 W
  • Continuous Power Handling22000 W
  • Sensitivity394.0 dB
  • Frequency Range40 - 3000 Hz
  • Voice Coil Diameter100 mm (4.0 in)
  • Winding MaterialCopper
  • Former MaterialGlass Fibre
  • Winding Depth25 mm (1.0 in)
  • Magnetic Gap Depth11 mm (0.43 in)
  • Flux Density1.1 T


  • Surround ShapeTriple Roll
  • Cone ShapeCurvilinear
  • Magnet MaterialFerrite
  • SpiderDouble Silicone
  • Pole DesignT-Pole
  • Woofer Cone TreatmentTWP Waterproof Both Sides
  • Recommended Enclosure85.0 dm3 (3.0 ft3)
  • Recommended Tuning45 Hz


  • Resonance Frequency42 Hz
  • Re3.7 Ω
  • Qes0.38
  • Qms6.3
  • Qts0.35
  • Vas86.0 dm3 (3.04 ft3)
  • Sd908.0 cm2 (140.74 in2)
  • η₀2.1 %
  • Xmax9.0 mm
  • Xvar10.0 mm
  • Mms159 g
  • Bl21.3 Txm
  • Le0.9 mH
  • EBP110 Hz

Mounting And Shipping Info

  • Overall Diameter393 mm (15.47 in)
  • Bolt Circle Diameter374 mm (14.72 in)
  • Baffle Cutout Diameter354.0 mm (13.94 in)
  • Depth173 mm (6.81 in)
  • Flange and Gasket Thickness16 mm (0.63 in)
  • Air Volume Occupied by Driver5.0 dm3 (0.18 ft3)
  • Net Weight11.7 kg (25.79 lb)
  • Shipping Units1
  • Shipping Weight13.0 kg (28.66 lb)
  • Shipping Box425x425x224 mm (16.73x16.73x8.82 in)

Service Kit

  • RCK15RBX1004
  • 2 hours test made with continuous pink noise signal (6 dB crest factor) within the range Fs-10Fs. Power calculated on rated minimum impedance. Loudspeaker in free air.
  • Power on Continuous Program is defined as 3 dB greater than the Nominal rating.
  • Applied RMS Voltage is set to 2 V for 4 ohms Nominal Impedance.
  • Thiele-Small parameters are measured after a high level 20 Hz sine wave preconditioning test.