Questionable Product Origin?

What can I do if I think that my B&C product is of questionable origin?

Sadly, the internet is full of fake products. Especially on websites like Ebay, Amazon and Alibaba. Also some retail shops, especially in developing nations. Few brands or product categories are safe these days. We always suggest that you contact the official B&C Distributor in your area to be sure that you are receiving real products and proper warranty support.

In the event you have any doubt about the authenticity of your B&C product, you have the following options. 

A) If you have a ViSeQR® Stripe label on your B&C product, you can scan product. You can find more details about that here.

If you have been directed to this page by the ViSeQR® Stripe app, you can follow the instructions below:
  1. If your B&C product has been purchased from a retail shop, we suggest you return to the retail shop and advise them of this issue. They can seek advice from their B&C distributor.
  2. If your product has been purchased from an official B&C distributor, please contact them. They can offer advice in how to proceed.
  3. If you product has been purchased as part of an OEM cabinet or as a repair part, we suggest that you contact the OEM (Original Equipment) manufacturer directly, or contact the retailer or distributor that you purchased that product from. 
  4. If your B&C product has not been purchased from an official B&C source, you may still send us an email with photos, the model numbers of the products in question, and the batch code numbers that are found on each of the products (7-8 digit number on a label that is found on the product itself).
B) If you have an older B&C product that does not have a ViSeQR® Stripe label, then we suggest you contact your local B&C distributor for information regarding the validity of your products. You will be required to send detailed photos of the products (including inner diaphragm photos for high frequency drivers with batch number), as well as batch numbers for the products in question. The batch number should be an 8-9 digit number found on a small label on each product. We will also need to know which retailer or distributor you purchased the product for, and a bill of sale (if already purchased). In the event that there is no local distributor for your area listed on our web site, please feel free to send this information to techadvice@bcspeakers.com, and we will do our best to identify the products in question.