New Products - June 2012

During 2011, we have spent a lot of time updating our product range, beginning with many new woofer models. Our goal was to create a complete range of interchangeable neodymium and ferrite models, offering maximum application flexibility. You will note the following similar models between these woofer product ranges.

NW / NDL <==>  FW Series

SW  <==>  TBW Series

NBX  <==>  TBX Series

We have also added a variety of new high frequency drivers, including updated versions of our more recent 3" and 4" diaphragm models. These feature new diaphragm geometries that flatten the frequency response above 10kHz, and significantly improve their waterfall response curves. The 3" diaphragm models now feature a unique, multi-piece phase plug that has been specifically designed to take full advantage of our new diaphragm designs. While the new price list shows only the basic models for now, we will eventually offer updated versions of all recent 3" and 4" diaphragm models.

We have also enhanced our range of ferrite coaxial models. New to the range are 5" and 6.5" models. We have also have a newly updated 8" model. There are also several new single magnet 12" and 15" coax models. These compact and light weight drivers offer cost effective alternatives to our successful range of single magnet neodymium models. Though we only show a limited number of configurations at this time, most of these new coaxial models will be available with or without horns.

Most of the new models are now available in sample quantities, and will be ready for production in the very near future, if they are not already in production. Exceptions include new 3" diaphragm high frequency drivers and the 8" ferrite coaxial models. These should be ready some time in July.

We will soon start to put together our 2013 product catalogue. These should be available later this summer. At that time, we will be eliminating some of the older models from the standard product range. Most of the older models will still be available on a special order basis, however they will be removed from the catalogue, and moved to the archive section of our web site.