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    2 inches

    B&C engineers have been working for the last five years on a family of next generation high frequency devices. Compression drivers are the linchpin of a PA system: operating at wavelengths too small to readily couple with other drivers, they alone have to fight distance and atmospheric losses to deliver concert sound pressure levels to ever larger audiences. 

    Enter the DCM420 ring radiator midrange driver, designed from scratch to advance the state of the art. The DCM420’s midrange diaphragm covers 300Hz – 6.0kHz with 113.7 dB sensitivity (16 Ohm version), and its 100mm voice coil handles 220 watts. All this energy arrives at a 2” throat, from the most compact package that can be designed today.

    Brand new materials and thousands of hours of modelling and testing result in lower distortion at higher SPL than has ever been possible before. Consider the new DCM420 for your next design, and enjoy a new standard in fidelity, with the reliability and consistency you expect from B&C.


    220 W continuous program power capacity
    2" horn throat diameter
    300 - 6000 Hz response
    113.7 dB sensitivity
    Neodymium magnet assembly


    Throat Diameter

    50 mm (2 in)

    Nominal Impedance

    16 Ω

    Minimum Impedance

    9 Ω

    Nominal Power Handling

    110 W

    Continuous Power Handling

    220 W


    113.7 dB

    Frequency Range

    0.3 - 6 kHz

    Recommended Crossover

    0.3 kHz

    Voice Coil Diameter

    100 mm (4 in)

    Winding Material



    0.28 mH

    Diaphragm Material

    HT Polymer

    Magnet Material

    Neodymium Ring

    Flux Density

    1.9 T

    Mounting and Shipping Info

    Other details

    4x M6 Mounting Studs with bolts and washers included

    Overall Diameter

    152 mm (6 in)


    95 mm (3.74 in)

    Net Weight

    2.6 kg (5.73 lb)

    Shipping Units

    1 pcs

    Shipping Weight

    2.8 kg (6.17 lb)

    Shipping Box

    170x170x140 mm (6.69x6.69x5.51 in)

    Service Kit

    hf Replacement Diaphragm