B&C factory building - Florence, Italy

B&C factory building - Florence, Italy
B&C production offices
Voice coils being tested before soft part assembly
Soft parts subassemblies, ready for installation
Primary woofer production line
Woofer magnet assemblies ready for mounting to baskets
Baskets being prepared from magnet mounting
Soft parts are installed, and front gaskets are mounted on woofer line
Front Woofer cone treatment applied on spinning workstation, in-line
Woofers being individually wrapped for safe transport
High Frequency driver coils ready for attachment to mounting rings
Voice coils being mounted to high frequency diaphragms
High Frequency diaphragms ready for installation
Primary high frequency driver line
After diaphragm installation, back covers are installed and tweaked
Finished product warehouse
Bulk packing high frequency drivers


All B&C Speakers products are built in Bagno a Ripoli (Florence), Italy. All processes are consolidated into one factory building in the interest of reduced material handling, contiguous production lines, easier supervision, and an improved working environment for our employees. The 10,500m² factory building was occupied in 2009, and has been expanded several times since.

The building is set into the hills of Tuscany. In addition to featuring the latest in construction methodology, it is glowing with natural light. The three joined buildings incorporate some creative, mechanised material handling strategies, and a state-of-the-art HVAC system, to control the production environment in all seasons.

In addition to consolidating the buildings, we have made a massive investment in automating our production lines. Our new lines offer a significant increase in output. The large woofer line will allow us to build a much more consistent product....in less time. Set-up and change over can be done very quickly and accurately. We have also totally updated the newest of our previous production lines to allow us to make small batches of specialty products.

B&C maintained their 3,000m² head office building, which is located one hundred meters from the new factory. Most company management, sales, accounting, and research and development activities are performed in this building.

B&C builds virtually all products to order. We don't stock large quantities of finished product stock. This ensures that we are open to incorporate quality improvemens at any time.


All woofer cones kits are assembled and treated in our factory. Our many years of research into unique glues and production methods have allowed us to push the limits of woofer performance. Woofers are assembled, treated and tested right on the new production line. Cone treatments - dispensed automatically, are distributed by hand on a spinning production line station. Rear treatments are applied in our cone preparation area.

Automated Klippel measurement stations create a safe working environment to test every woofer automatically, ensuring that rub and buzz, and frequency response are well within strict limits.

All finished woofer products are fed directly from the production line, and packaged according to customer requirements. 

All B&C high frequency drivers and diaphragms are still hand assembled. In addition to careful design, the production process requires very detailed measurement of materials, glues, and alignment in order to create ultra-high performance parts that are consistent.

Our specially formulated adhesives are applied by custom built robots that ensure accurate quantity and positioning. All adhesives are tested on a regular basis throughout the day.

High frequency driver motor assemblies are produced on the main driver production line, and then merged with diaphragm assemblies. Each unit is specifically tweaked during testing to maximize performance.

Each driver is carefully tested using the latest test equipment, to ensure strict control of rub and buzz, frequency response and distortion.