88mm Coil woofer range


B&C is now shipping the complete range of 88mm voice coil, neodymium magnet woofers that were originally announced at the Frankfurt Fair in April 2014. The range includes 12”, 13.5” and 15” frame options.

“These new 88mm NDL series woofers offer great value”, said Ron Tizzard, Director of Sales for B&C Speakers. “They are high efficiency alternatives that offer an excellent compromise between traditional 76mm and 100mm coil woofers, allowing manufacturers to move to new territory in price and performance.”

All models feature a triple roll surround, exponential cone, neodymium inside slug magnet, vented voice coil structure (for lower power compression and distortion), and waterproof treatment on the cone face.

12NDL88 | 14NDL88 | 15NDL88