New B&C DE680TN: Lower Distortion, Smoother High-Frequency Response

B&C has just released the DE680TN, a 65mm (2.5 in) coil, 36mm (1.4”) throat neodymium high frequency driver. This models updates the familiar DE620TN, which it replaces in our catalog, with the latest technologies showcased by our flagship DE980TN large format compression driver. The 65mm (2.5”) coil features a bent former to increase glue area and rigidity, and connects with our FEA optimized dome, surround, and phase plug to decrease distortion and increase durability. With response from 1kHz to 18kHz the DE680TN can be used in two way systems, and its 115mm (4.5”) overall diameter permits close spacing in arrayable loudspeakers.

Our bent edge voice coil former is also featured in other drivers, such as the 75mm (3”) coil DE880TN and DE980TN, and our new line of inside-magnet super compact compression drivers, the 86mm (3.4”) coil DE990TN and 100mm (4”) coil DE1090TN. All these drivers offer wider frequency response, higher power handling, and transparent high frequency performance in a uniquely small package.